I wished to send you some updates as to High Twelve business.  If you have not yet seen the state website, our State Officers have updated it with a brief write up and some pictures from the Installation.  I was also on a conference call last week with numerous other Club Presidents as well International President, Brother Jerry Saville, who sends his regards from California.  They are excited for us, particularly since, in their own words, “I don’t think they had a single guy over 50 there!”  For real, though, they were incredibly pleased to see our enthusiasm and relative youth (considering that all the state officers have been Master Masons between 35-50 years).

For the sake of efficiency, I wanted to send out a tentative agenda for our next meeting as well as a tentative schedule through January.  I ran this by a couple of officers, to get their input, but regardless, I appreciate you humoring my Enlightened Dictatorship as we get Capital City High Twelve #777 up and running.  Next month’s meeting will hopefully be the only business meeting that could take a bit of time which we should need.  If we are still a few months into this and our meetings go longer than 20 minutes, then we’re doing something wrong.


Regarding a Calendar of events, here is the tentative schedule:

  • October 20th Stated Meeting followed by post-meeting festivities @ Buffalo Wild Wings (65 cent traditional wings)
  • October 24th Picnic at Tom Brown or Meyers Park (Noles out of Town; City of Tallahassee getting me info on reserving pavilions and cost; Will forward that in a couple of days)
  • November 17th Meeting & Meal (arbitrarily throwing Parlay Sports Bar out there for some darts, cigars, and food and drink on their Porch; open to suggestions between now and next month’s meeting, though)
  • December 12th – No Meeting; Saturday for High Twelve Day on 12/12 at 12 noon, i.e. actual High Twelve (location TBD)
  • January 18th Meeting and post-meeting meal
  • March Meeting:  Dues (Don’t want to hammer you guys with another bill in 
  • December/January; Right now, we are thinking $25 which includes $10 for International Dues, $6 for State, and $9 for club, but this will be subject to vote)

Regarding the Agenda for our October 20th Meeting:

  • We should expect a visit from the Walcott Foundation fellow to tell us about the Foundation, as it’s the High Twelve charity
  • Vote on Dues
  • Vote on Club Banner
  • Approve the Calendar for the next few months
  • Discuss procedure for new members
  • Anything else

John Kraniou