I thank you for your interest in becoming charter members of Capital City High Twelve.  As I explained to some of you, it provides us an avenue for Masons to get together once or twice a month on an informal basis over some wings, pizza, and drinks, while watching some ballgames, shooting some pool, throwing darts, or whatever we decide to do.  

Our Brothers David Neal and Michael Hemphil, the statewide President and Vice President, are doing us the honor of driving up from Orlando for our formal chartering and installation this Monday September 14th at Jackson Lodge.  Indeed, it appears that much of the statewide Line will be in attendance.  I told Brothers Neal & Hemphill that as most of us will be coming from work, to anticipate our arrival at the Lodge by 5:45 p.m., give or take.  The installation ceremony, which is open to wives & girlfriends, should take 20-30 minutes.  I had the pleasure of meeting Brother Neal and his wife as they were passing through town last week, and she jokingly assured me that High Twelve is the only Masonic body that her husband is affiliated with which she actually enjoys.

Following the ceremony, I figured that we could go across the street to La Fiesta for some margaritas, fajitas, and guac.  Naturally, in the future, we will plan these events in advance.

For simplicity and to streamline the chartering process, I reached out to a few Brothers who I know best to appoint officers until we can add some more members, sit down, and have elections in a few months.  So, for the time being, consider this to be a benevolent dictatorship until Democracy prevails.  As there is not much “business” to be transacted, I do not anticipate much in the way of “business meetings,” and in the experience of Brother Neal, it seems that the majority of their time is devoted to fellowship.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday and adding some more Brothers to our ranks from our lodges as well as Monticello, Havana, and other lodges in the area.

John Kraniou